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Introducing our Event Control System (ECS)

We like to say yes!
Our ECS has the capability to back us up.

Audio Control
Our system comes standard with 4 wireless mics (expandable to 8), a 40-channel digital mixer, an audio record, and enough outputs to support everything from a small two-speaker setup to a larger room with foldback and delay speakers.

Video Control
Multi-destination video switching, streaming, records with backup, graphics and playback machines, included PTZ camera, controls 2 confidence monitors, 4K ready.

Lighting Control
Built-in DMX control of stage wash, backlight, and uplights. Multiple looks for walk-in, show, and walk-out. Our system makes it simple to program looks. 

Design and Aesthetics
Custom designed and engineered to be attractive and have a small footprint. Even cable management is impressive with a single cable connecting the tech area and the stage.

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